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Are you thinking of how to get Modafinil? Are you having a problem with getting the most trusted vendor that would sell the supplement at a cheaper rate? Are you having issues in determining the legal status of buying it online? Then this article is for you. You would know more about buying modafinil online. All you need to do is to pay attention.

This article is a comparative study of a list of Modafinil vendors with concerns about their price and popularity. Before I wrote this article, I also had issues with getting a trusted vendor that I can buy the supplement from at a cheaper rate.

To discover this, I research on some known vendors that are DuckDose, AfinilExpress, Modapharma, and so on concerning their prices and popularity. The result of this research is this article.


Prevalent Modafinil Price

You might wonder why we have different prices. The supplement is the same regarding quality and quantity, but it is sold at different rates. Then why? What I could say is that the vendors choose to set a price at their discretion. Thus, if the price is the same, then why should we waste extra bucks to get a product that can be gotten at a cheaper rate?

As at the time of this research, ModafinilStar offered the lowest price followed by  AfinilExpress and DuckDose. Modapharma put up the highest price.


Everyone needs a reliable and trusted vendor that will not sell fake products. One of the ways to determine reliability is through the popularity of the vendor. To achieve this, we used Google Search Volume. Though this could not be the best way to conduct proxy research, we choose this method because most people will buy this product online.

One of the reasons why Google volume is not the best proxy research method is because many searches could be garnered as a result of the company’s notoriety or press reports. However, in this instance, you must be smart while gathering your data.

Of all the vendors that we use as a case study, DuckDose is the most popular. Unfortunately, it accepts only MasterCard and bitcoin. On the other hand, the least popular vendor is the ModafinilStar, and it surprisingly offers the lowest price. Apart from the most popular vendor, other vendors accept all the main cards.

Buying Modafinil Online

To buy Modafinil online, you need to consider some things. You do not just have to be vigilant; you need to be more concerned about your data and country legislation. The following are the things you need to consider when buying Modafinil online.

Credit Card Fraud

This is one of the most common frauds in the internet world. Many vendors online do not have a very secured page for checkout. This means a hacker can easily hack into a vendor site and steal your credit card details for fraud. You can use Final if you need to protect your credit card. It will help you generate a unique credit card number for a particular transaction. Thus, it will save you from any form of credit card fraud.

Data theft

Another thing that could result when you buy Modafinil online is data theft. Your data could be stolen from the vendor’s site. This could happen if you use a vendor’s site that is not properly secured. Data such as your address and name could risk theft. This is why you need to buy from a reliable vendor.


In some jurisdictions, buying Modafinil online is illegal and such orders could be confiscated. In some instances, you need a prescription for you to buy them online. If you stay in places like the UK, Australia, Canada or the United States, you need some prescription for you to buy Modafinil online legally. Customs rarely confiscate Modafinil orders, and in some instances, they send “love” letters. To buy this supplement online, you need to consider its legality in your country.


Overall, you should bear it in mind that buying Modafinil at a designated website that is reliable, secure and trustworthy is the best. Apart from that, you should consider the price at which they sell their product for you to determine whether to buy from them or not.  With all these, the ball is in your court to play.